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Hair 101 - Hints and Tips for Hair Care

Hair Relaxer and Texturizer Do's and Don'ts

Hair relaxers and texturizing is the chemically straightening of overly curly or kinky hair, (texturizers leave some curl left in the hair) with products that contain either sodium hydroxide or thioglycolic acid. Both these ingredients can cause skin and scalp irritation if not used properly. The basic products that are used are a chemical hair relaxer, a neutralizer, and a petroleum cream, which is used as a protective base to protect the hair line area and/or scalp during application.
Prior to Relaxing
-- Massage, comb or brush your scalp
-- Do excessive exercise
-- Irritate your scalp by wearing a hat or scarf
-- Shampoo your hair within 48 hours before
-- Use holding spray or oil your scalp
-- Scratch your scalp or use hair pins
-- Remove braids 72 hours before
-- Avoid your hair line
-- Inform your stylist of all drugs for medication
-- Rinse heavy gels from hair without manipulating scalp 24 hours before
-- Use an over-heated curling iron
-- Use hair accessories with rough edges
-- Use setting lotions with alcohol
-- Set on sponge rollers
-- Back comb (tease) hair
-- Yank, pull or tear hair
-- Wear a satin sleeping cap at night
-- Have your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks
-- Use a thick, rich, moisturizing shampoo
-- Sleep on a satin pillow
-- Get a deep conditioning treatment with protein monthly
-- Get retouches every 6-8 weeks to avoid breakage
-- Deep moisturize every week
Note:  Remember that relaxing or texturizing the hair strips the hair of its protein and moisture. Always, deep condition after a relaxer or texturizer. Your hair's reaction to relaxers or texturizers will often change during and after pregnancy.
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